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  1. GROUPWORK Brainstorm reasons why people give talks, presentations or speeches.
    to inform
  2. PAIRWORK Discuss these questions
    • Have you ever given a talk? If so, what was it like? How did you feel?
    • What are the most common problems people have when they give talks?
  3. PAIRWORK How are these things used in talks and presentations?
    • screen • whiteboard • flipchart • laser pointer • projector • handouts • slides • internet connection • wireless microphone • marker pens • microphone •
  4. Read the Presentation tips. Choose the ones that you find most surprising/the most useful /least helpful

Presentation tips


  • Think about what your talk is for and who your audience is. Is it to sell your ideas, train, inform or just entertain?
  • Brainstorm all your ideas, then select the main points.
  • Create a title for your talk. It will help focus your mind.
  • Make your message easy to remember. Use an acronym or slogan, quotes, slides, photos, objects, music or sound effects.


  • Structure your talk. Organise your points in a logical order.
  • Prepare your slides. Don’t use too much text, and use at least 18pt type size.
  • Don’t write your talk out. You won’t communicate with the audience if you read out a prepared text.
  • Prepare short clear notes that remind you of your key points on small cards.


  • Rehearse your talk in front of classmates or in front of the mirror.
  • Rehearsal is very important. You will see where you need to adjust the talk.
  • If you rehearse, you will seem more relaxed and natural on the day.
  • Don’t memorise your talk. It won’t be as interesting to the audience.


  • Arrive early and set up your equipment.
  • Speak clearly, without rushing. Don’t forget to breathe!
  • Notice your posture, and stand up straight.
  • Build rapport with your audience.
  • Make eye contact with members of the audience.
  • Use body language, such as hand and arm movements, to reinforce points.
  • Talk to the and not to the screen!
For Real Plus Intermediate Sb/wb + E-zone

Based on the successful For Real series, revised and updated, For Real Plus is the course to equip your students for the 21st Century. Motivating, up-to-date themes to get students thinking and talking. Fresh, easy to use design for effective teaching and learning. Authentic communication lessons to get students speaking using natural, everyday language. Thought-provoking graded stories for enjoyable extended reading.

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