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Funny-Sounding Words

DISCOMBOBULATED: very confused
CODSWALLOP: nonsense
HIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY: mixed together in a disorganized or untidy way
FLABBERGASTED: very surprised or shocked
DOLLOP: a large mass of something soft, especially food: e.g. cream/mashed potato
FINICKY: fussy
SHENANIGANS: silly, secret and dishonest activities
BONKERS: crazy
FUDDY-DUDDY: person who is old-fashioned, fussy and boring

FLUMMOXED: very confused or perplexed
SKEDADDLE: depart quickly
SQUEEGEE: object with handle and rubber blade used for cleaning windows
COLLYWOBBLES: anxiety and pain in the stomach
UMPTEEN: very many
DOODLE: rough drawing made when you’re bored or thinking about something else
SQUELCH: make a soft, wet sucking sound like walking in mud


A FEW SANDWICHES SHORT OF A PICNIC: not very intelligent or mad
THE BEE’S KNEES: an excellent person or thing
BOB’S YOUR UNCLE: there it is, voila!: used to say that something will be very easy or quick to do
BOG-STANDARD: very basic, ordinary, unexceptional
BUILDER’S TEA: a strong cup of inexpensive tea with milk
COST A BOMB: very expensive
CHUFFED: delighted, very pleased
CREAM CRACKERED: incredibly tired, exhausted
CURTAIN TWITCHER: a nosey neighbour
DOG’S DINNER: a mess or fiasco

THE DREADED LURGY: a bad cold, flu or nasty illness
FULL OF BEANS: energetic, lively, enthusiastic
THE FULL MONTY: absolutely everything
GUTTED: bitterly disappointed, extremely upset
GO PEAR-SHAPED: go wrong
QUIDS IN: having made a good profit
SOD’S LAW: if something can go wrong, it will go wrong
PUT/THROW A SPANNER IN THE WORKS: to cause a delay or problem with something planned
TAKE THE BISCUIT: to be the most surprising, stupid, or annoying thing


TO CHILLAX: to calm down and relax (chill + relax)
WHATEVS: whatever, meaning ‘I don’t even really care’
FREEGAN: a person who buys as little as possible, reduces waste, and recycles everything they can
AWESOMESAUCE: amazing, so awesome that you want to put it on everything
TO GHOST: to suddenly end a personal relationship, cutting off all contact
HANGRY: angry or in a bad mood because you are hungry (hungry + angry)

BINGE WATCH: watch many episodes of a TV series in a short time, on streaming or DVD
GLAMPING: a type of comfortable and expensive camping with all of the modern facilities associated with more luxurious types of holiday (glamorous + camping)
STAYCATION: a holiday spent in your own home or your own country (stay + vacation)
PHOTOBOMB: spoil other people’s photographs by suddenly appearing or doing something unexpected or silly just before the photograph is taken

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