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Disal Indica – Look (American English) 1 Reading Anthology

Series: Look (American English)
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
ISBN: 9780357027516
Publication Date: 2019
Level: A1 Beginner


The world is an amazing place. 
Get up close with Look, a seven-level (Pre-A1 – B1) series for young learners of English. 
See something real with amazing photography, authentic stories and video, and inspiring National Geographic Explorers. 
Help learners make connections in English between their lives and the world they live in through high-interest, global topics that encourage them to learn and express themselves. 
With short, fresh lessons that excite students and make teaching a joy, Look gives young learners the core language, balanced skills foundation and confidence-boosting exam support they need to use English successfully in the 21st century. 

• Easy-to-teach units present high-interest topics with a global perspective 
• Carefully graded language syllabus with balanced skills coverage and a phonics focus 
• Integrated values activities support personal development 
• Immersive School trips lessons take learners to incredible places and provide project work opportunities 
• Reading Extra promote extensive reading through real-world stories and fables 
• Coverage of international exam task types helps students master exam techniques and builds their confidence. 


Get closer to the world with the help of National Geographic Explorers. 
Share their stories and missions with your students and teach language through their compelling, real-world experiences. 


Take your students to amazing locations and meet incredible people. 
Every School trip lesson includes a reading, video and comprehension activities and ends with project work. 


Introduce learners to longer texts with stories about real people, places and events as well as fables, myths and legends from around the world. 
Every Reading extra lesson in the Student’s Books reinforces  the content taught in the units, with activities covering all four skills. Additionally, every level includes an Anthology of six stories, with an activities page for every story to check comprehension, for even more reading practice. 

Teach for Success

Create an environment where students are relaxed and confident in their abilities. Give them opportunities to show what they have learned, without any stress. 
With comprehensive coverage of international exams task types and parent-teacher support materials, Look helps learners perform their best and prepares them for assessment success. 

Assessment support includes: 

  • Coverage of every task type from the Cambridge English Qualifications exams for young learners in the Student’s Book and Workbook 
  • Task guidance notes in the Teacher’s Book to help instructors break down exam tasks and build student confidence 
  • Guidance on evaluating student performance, with formative assessment and remedial activities in the Teacher’s Book 
  • ExamView Assessment Suite, Unit progress tests, mid-year and end-of-year tests available online 
  • An exam practice test in every Workbook 

Beyond the Book

Teaching with Look is easy with its flexible digital support materials. 

Classroom Presentation Tool: 

Enrich your lessons with interactive Student’s Book and Workbook pages with embedded audio, video, and activities on the Classroom Presentation Tool. 

Online Practice: 

Keep students engaged with mobile-responsive Online Practice, including audio, video and games for practice and workbook activities for assessment and exam prep. 

Learning Management Platform: 

Manage your classroom and track students’ Online Practice progress with a mobile-responsive Learning Management System. 

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