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★Choose your Marvel Super Hero!

We’re excited to bring you a new series of graded Readers that is sure to motivate even the most reluctant learners.
Based on successful movies and with carefully graded language, Marvel’s epic stories and unforgettable characters become accessible to learners of English as a new series of Pearson English Readers.
From Captain America, to Thor, to the tree-like Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy – choose your Super Hero!

What’s in a Marvel Reader?

  • Carefully graded language providing the right level of challenge and enjoyment
  • Who’s Who character introduction that motivates students
  • Images from the movie that bring the story to life, help with comprehension and provide a stimulus for discussion
  • Word list highlighting new vocabulary, providing a great reference tool for new language
  • Several pages of activities including before, during and after questions that aid comprehension, inspire discussions and check language progress


Downloadable teacher resources: background information on the story, discussion activities, photocopiable worksheets and answer keys for all activities.

Choose your format

All of our teen and adult Marvel titles are available as a print book, a print book with audio CD or as an eBook with integrated audio.


Marvels Captain America – Civil War With Mp3 – Level 3

Marvels Captain America – Civil War With Mp3 – Level 3

The Avengers are superheroes with very special powers who defend the world against its enemies. Recently, though, they have made mistakes. Governments decide that the team will need permission for future fights. Some Avengers are happy to sign an agreement. Others angrily refuse. Suddenly Avengers are fighting Avengers. Will the superheroes realize in time who their real enemy is?

Level 3: Marvel’s Thor

Level 3: Marvel’s Thor

The older son of Odin, King of Asgard, is strong and brave — but also proud and thoughtless. When Thor’s actions put Asgard in great danger from its enemies, Odin sends him away, without his powers, to Earth.
Can Thor become wiser, far from home?Will he ever be able to return to Asgard? And what will he find if he does?

Level 4: Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy vol.1

Marvels The Guardians Of The Galaxy With Mp3 – Level 4

When Peter Quill finds the Orb, he doesn’t know that it is a stone with unimaginable power that everyone is looking for. Soon he is being chased by outlaws and aliens. But the real enemy is Ronan the Accuser, who wants to use the Orb’s power to control the galaxy. Can Peter bring together a strange group of new friends and keep the Orb out of Ronan’s hands — or will Ronan win this fight?

Marvels The Avengers – Level 2

Marvels The Avengers – Level 2

The Tesseract is a very powerful weapon and Loki plans to use it for an attack on Earth. Who can protect the Tesseract and save our world from the angry Asgardian?
Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are the Avengers — and they are Earth’s only hope.

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