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★ Oxford First Dictionary

This major new edition of the Oxford First Dictionary in paperback includes new words and more pages to improve spelling, extend vocabulary and support comprehension in the new curriculum. As well as updated context sentences (including examples from children’s own…
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★ Food and eating

I COULD EAT A HORSE “ESTOU FAMINTO, ESFOMEADO, MORTO DE FOME” I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Estou com tanta fome que poderia comer um boi. Literalmente, I could eat a horse significa: “Eu poderia comer um cavalo”. Não que a carne de cavalo faça parte da…
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★ Funny

Can you and your students explain why these are funny? SOUNDS A BIT FISHY Where do shellfish go to borrow money? To the prawn broker. Where do fish wash? In a river basin. Why did the whale cross the road? To get to the other tide Where do little fishes go…
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★ Stupid, Idiot

AIRHEAD IDIOTA, BOBO Some airhead put sugar in the saltpot. Algum idiota colocou açúcar no saleiro.Alguém que tem apenas ar (air) na cabeça (head), sem cérebro nenhum, só pode ser um idiota JERKIDIOTA, BABACA, BOCÓ You stupid jerk! You ruined everything!Seu idiota!
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✭ Interview with Nancy Lake

JS: Could you please tell us first a little bit about your background and why and when you came to Brazil and decided to settle here? NL: After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Spanish and French Education, I started an MS in TESOL, but interrupted it to…