The Dora Explorer Effect

Getting students to engage and participate in class has been one of the most common teachers’ struggles throughout the history of teaching languages. Being a language teacher, we know that learning happens in communication and for communication. Hence, speaking and active…
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I Wonder

I had been teaching for almost seven years when I finally decided to give teaching young learners a try. Despite feeling very insecure, one day I was like, ‘why not?’ and finally decided to give it a try. So it was February, 2020 when I first welcomed my…
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Funny-Sounding Words

DISCOMBOBULATED: very confusedCODSWALLOP: nonsenseHIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY: mixed together in a disorganized or untidy wayFLABBERGASTED: very surprised or shockedDOLLOP: a large mass of something soft, especially food: e.g. cream/mashed potatoFINICKY: fussyDIDDLY-SQUAT…

Storytelling with wordless picturebooks

My journey with wordless picturebooks started years ago as I was working with young learners. Having realised my students got highly engaged during “story time”, I decided to start building my own collection so as to offer them a good variety of reading experiences.

We need to talk about learning strategies

Since the pandemic started, it is safe to say that students have been forced to become more independent overall. Learning from home is often synonymous with spending less time with the teacher, doing more assignments autonomously and finding some answers by ourselves through…