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★ Interview with Luciana de Oliveira

JS: Could you please tell us first a little bit about your background and why and when you went to live in the United States? LO: I’m currently Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Miami in Florida. In 2006, I…
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★ Interview with John Corbett

JS: First of all, John, I would like to thank you on behalf of New Routes and all our readers for having been a regular and important contributor to the magazine since 1999 (Issue numbers 7, 31, 34, 51, 54 and now 63). Your articles covered a very wide range of topics.
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★ Interview with Jeremy Harmer

JS: In your years of experience as a teacher, teacher educator and writer, how have your beliefs regarding teaching and learning changed? Has any paradigm shifted along the way? JH: I think my belief (at the beginning) that everything was reducible to fairly…
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★Pejorative terms for people

SLEAZEBAGPESSOA DESONESTA, IMORAL, INESCRUPULOSA; SAFADO, SACANA He’s a real sleazebag.Ele é muito safado. Sleazebag vem da palavra sleazy, que significa sujo, desonesto, imoral. Também se diz sleazeball ou sleaze. A PAIN IN THE ASS/BUTT (US)UM PÉ NO…
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★In the cloud

FOCUS Speaking: Past simple of irregular verbs LEVEL Lower intermediate and above TIME 20-30 minutes PREPARATION Make photocopies or prepare a slide of a word cloud (see below) IN CLASS Prepare a word cloud (see www.wordle.net) using words for a…

Three British poets

This month I would like to tell you about three British poets, who are quite different from each other. These talented individuals who have added rich colour to the British literary scene are: Dr John Cooper Clarke, who started doing gigs in folk clubs in the early 1970s…