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Snappy Sounds

Snappy Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics program, built by world leading educators, authors and speech pathologists, designed to make teaching phonics as simple and as speedy as possible for you and your class. Using Snappy Sounds will have pupils reading and…
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Getting Into Elt Assessment

Assessment may not be one of the most popular topics in teacher education courses, but it certainly impacts the teaching and the learning process in a very direct way. This book aims at introducing some key concepts about assessment theory, explaining how these concepts…
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Disal Indica - 101 Grammar Questions

Look inside A compact, user-friendly reference book addressing many of the kinds of questions about grammar that regularly confront teachers, both novice and experienced, when planning or executing their lessons. A glance at any web-site, discussion forum or social…
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Disal Indica - 30 Language Teaching Methods

Book review by Mark Rooney As he draws his book to a close, Scott Thornbury states the following, ‘at the very least, the principled teacher should be able to respond to the question “why did you do that?”’ This question is too rarely asked of language teachers.
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Disal Indica - Blended Learning

The ideal companion for any teacher interested in the use of technology in the language classroom, Blended Learning provides a practical overview of the technology currently available. It combines basic information for the technological novice with sophisticated ideas for…