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Disal Indica - 30 Language Teaching Methods

Book review by Mark Rooney As he draws his book to a close, Scott Thornbury states the following, ‘at the very least, the principled teacher should be able to respond to the question “why did you do that?”’ This question is too rarely asked of language teachers.
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Disal Indica - Blended Learning

The ideal companion for any teacher interested in the use of technology in the language classroom, Blended Learning provides a practical overview of the technology currently available. It combines basic information for the technological novice with sophisticated ideas for…
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English through art

What would you do with it? Level: Elementary upwards Time: 20 – 25 minutes Materials: A selection of images showing paintings, sculptures and objets d’art Language focus: Prepositions, vocabulary of furniture and rooms in the house, reduced…
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Disal Indica - Wonder

No Disal Indica desta semana, destacamos o livro Wonder, escrito por R.J Palacio. Auggie Pullman is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face. Born with a terrible abnormality, he has been homeschooled and protected by his loving family from the cruel stares of the…