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Compounds - Slang

SMARTY-PANTS INDIVÍDUO QUE TEM A PRETENSÃO DE ENTENDER DE TUDO; SABICHÃO, METIDO, CONVENCIDO OK, smarty-pants, you explain then. OK, sabichão, explique você então. Para designar quem sempre tenta parecer mais inteligente (smart) que os outros, usa-se também smart…

The Dora Explorer Effect

Getting students to engage and participate in class has been one of the most common teachers’ struggles throughout the history of teaching languages. Being a language teacher, we know that learning happens in communication and for communication. Hence, speaking and active…
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I Wonder

I had been teaching for almost seven years when I finally decided to give teaching young learners a try. Despite feeling very insecure, one day I was like, ‘why not?’ and finally decided to give it a try. So it was February, 2020 when I first welcomed my…
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Funny-Sounding Words

DISCOMBOBULATED: very confusedCODSWALLOP: nonsenseHIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY: mixed together in a disorganized or untidy wayFLABBERGASTED: very surprised or shockedDOLLOP: a large mass of something soft, especially food: e.g. cream/mashed potatoFINICKY: fussyDIDDLY-SQUAT…

Storytelling with wordless picturebooks

My journey with wordless picturebooks started years ago as I was working with young learners. Having realised my students got highly engaged during “story time”, I decided to start building my own collection so as to offer them a good variety of reading experiences.