Teaching the learner and not the plan

The idea that we need to teach our learners and not our lesson plan may seem quite obvious. After all, students are our target audience and part of what makes communication effective is related to actually taking our target audience into account while speaking or writing…

Mulher do futuro

Num mundo considerado globalizado, moderno, que tem sido discutido por profissionais das mais diversas áreas, estudiosos, pesquisadores que inclusive falam sobre as principais características dos trabalhadores do futuro, que são destacadas como: Desenvolvimento do…

Young learners: why not?

Teaching English for young learners and teens can be seen as an exhausting and even frustrating experience by some teachers. In language institutes it is sometimes possible for the teachers to choose the age group they want to work with. More often than not, I have seen…

Look up Phrasal Verbs

I am Maria Beatriz Ramos da Silva Mollo, better known as Bia Mollo. I wrote the dictionary “Look up Phrasal Verbs” I have been teaching English for over 35 years, either in English schools, in companies or private lessons, always focusing on the adult students. I…

Activities using the 5 senses

Imagine a child who has been given a new squeaky toy. Their first contact of this object may be visual. They may then touch it in their hands and perhaps put it in their mouth. Inevitably, the smell of the material, such as rubber, may drift up to their nostrils.

Using inspirational quotations in the classroom

Inspirational quotations can be an extremely effective tool to boost students’ confidence and self-esteem and improve teaching and learning.They can be a rich source of additional language practice in the classroom and cover an incredible wealth of subjects and…

Novembro Azul

O INCA, mais uma vez, aproveita as celebrações do mês de novembro para divulgar informações baseadas nas melhores evidência científicas e promover a saúde do homem de forma consciente e equilibrada. O Novembro Azul teve origem em 2003, na Austrália, com o objetivo…