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The authors suggest a very practical way to use this wonderful resource for teachers at the end of the table of contents. It includes watching the excellent videos which are accessible via an access code on the back of the front cover. However, since I wanted to be sure not…
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Getting Into Elt Assessment

Assessment may not be one of the most popular topics in teacher education courses, but it certainly impacts the teaching and the learning process in a very direct way. This book aims at introducing some key concepts about assessment theory, explaining how these concepts…
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Wider World - American Edition

A procura de uma série didática nunca foi uma tarefa fácil. Muitas vezes, o sentimento quando analisamos um material novo é o de que já o vimos antes ou ele lembra uma série conhecida, mas repaginada. A série American Wider World trouxe uma grata novidade neste…

Interview with - Isabela Villas Boas

Jack Scholes: First of all, could you please tell us briefly a little about your background and how you became a teacher and then Corporate Academic Manager at Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasília? Isabela Villas Boas: I am what some call an “accidental teacher”. I have…
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Disal Indica - 101 Grammar Questions

Look inside A compact, user-friendly reference book addressing many of the kinds of questions about grammar that regularly confront teachers, both novice and experienced, when planning or executing their lessons. A glance at any web-site, discussion forum or social…
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Bonnie Scotland

SCOTCH, SCOTS, SCOTTISH Escocês Her husband is Scots and drinks Scotch whisky in a Scottish pub. O marido dela é escocês e toma uísque escocês em um bar escocês. Do inglês arcaico Scottas, as três palavras Scotch, Scots e Scottish significam “escocês”, mas o uso…
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Disal Indica - 30 Language Teaching Methods

Book review by Mark Rooney As he draws his book to a close, Scott Thornbury states the following, ‘at the very least, the principled teacher should be able to respond to the question “why did you do that?”’ This question is too rarely asked of language teachers.