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★American Slang

SASSYATREVIDO, IMPERTINENTE, MAL-EDUCADO She’s a sassy young woman! Ela é uma jovem atrevida! Usa-se também o verbo to sass, que significa falar ou comportar-se de forma insolente, sem respeito, sobretudo com pessoas que têm poder ou posição de autoridade. BLOOPERERRO…

Using inspirational quotations in the classroom

Inspirational quotations can be an extremely effective tool to boost students’ confidence and self-esteem and improve teaching and learning.They can be a rich source of additional language practice in the classroom and cover an incredible wealth of subjects and…
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★ Slang - Interjections!

OOPS! “OPA!” Oops! I’m sorry.Opa! Desculpe. A exclamação Oops! exprime surpresa ou arrependimento depois de um pequeno erro ou acidente. GAWD! “DEUS!” Oh, my gawd! I don’t believe it!Ah, meu Deus! Eu não acredito! Gawd é a grafia de uma pronúncia…
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★ Food and eating

I COULD EAT A HORSE “ESTOU FAMINTO, ESFOMEADO, MORTO DE FOME” I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Estou com tanta fome que poderia comer um boi. Literalmente, I could eat a horse significa: “Eu poderia comer um cavalo”. Não que a carne de cavalo faça parte da…
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★ Stupid, Idiot

AIRHEAD IDIOTA, BOBO Some airhead put sugar in the saltpot. Algum idiota colocou açúcar no saleiro.Alguém que tem apenas ar (air) na cabeça (head), sem cérebro nenhum, só pode ser um idiota JERKIDIOTA, BABACA, BOCÓ You stupid jerk! You ruined everything!Seu idiota!
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✭ Interview with Nancy Lake

JS: Could you please tell us first a little bit about your background and why and when you came to Brazil and decided to settle here? NL: After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Spanish and French Education, I started an MS in TESOL, but interrupted it to…
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★ Interview with Luciana de Oliveira

JS: Could you please tell us first a little bit about your background and why and when you went to live in the United States? LO: I’m currently Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Miami in Florida. In 2006, I…
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★ Interview with John Corbett

JS: First of all, John, I would like to thank you on behalf of New Routes and all our readers for having been a regular and important contributor to the magazine since 1999 (Issue numbers 7, 31, 34, 51, 54 and now 63). Your articles covered a very wide range of topics.
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★ Interview with Jeremy Harmer

JS: In your years of experience as a teacher, teacher educator and writer, how have your beliefs regarding teaching and learning changed? Has any paradigm shifted along the way? JH: I think my belief (at the beginning) that everything was reducible to fairly…