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Disal Indica - 101 Grammar Questions

Look inside A compact, user-friendly reference book addressing many of the kinds of questions about grammar that regularly confront teachers, both novice and experienced, when planning or executing their lessons. A glance at any web-site, discussion forum or social network shared by teachers of English suggests that teachers are constantly asking each other questions related to pedagogical…

Why is background knowledge important?

If I had to reduce all of cognitive psychology to one principle it would be this: the most important single factor…
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Mulheres: de musas a autoras

É quase impossível contar uma história interessante sem a presença marcante de mulheres no enredo. Tomemos a…
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Who’s afraid of teaching teenagers?

A while ago, I saw a Facebook post that caught my attention. The writer said something in the lines of, “If one wants…

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Carta abierta a los profesores y profesoras ELE

Es un verdadero honor para mí poder compartir con todos vosotros un premio que me han concedido recientemente y que siento, sinceramente, que es un premio compartido con todos vosotros por tantos años de contacto, de esfuerzos en la enseñanza ELE y por tantos encuentros juntos. Este enero se ha celebrado el tercer congreso de Málaga…