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Who’s afraid of teaching teenagers?

A while ago, I saw a Facebook post that caught my attention. The writer said something in the lines of, “If one wants to have an opinion on Education, one must have taught sixth graders for at least twenty years”. I think this statement is very symptomatic of the way teaching teenagers is usually seen, particularly early teens, who are in that admittedly difficult transition between…

Escola em destaque - Speech Idiomas

A Speech Idiomas nasceu em 1998, em Cruzeiro-SP, e tornou-se referência no ensino de Inglês e Espanhol na cidade e…
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Material for online lessons

Many English teachers and schools will inevitably be teaching online courses from now on given the Covid-19 outbreak. In…
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Teaching the learner and not the plan

The idea that we need to teach our learners and not our lesson plan may seem quite obvious. After all, students are our…

Idiomas pelo mundo

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Consolidar el dominio de la lengua oral en los niveles c1-c2

En el mercado editorial de español como lengua extranjera escasean los libros de texto de expresión oral de niveles C1-C2. Una de las razones por las que resulta difícil encontrar este tipo de manuales tiene que ver con el hecho de que a menudo se asume que cuando los estudiantes de lenguas extranjeras llegan a estos niveles, ya no necesitan…